Preventing crime before it happens “Real Time”.

We have been providing video monitoring and access control service to customers since 2006 throughout North America and Europe.

Active Watch “Access Control” solution is most commonly used in commercial, industrial operations from medium to very large scale. We provide services to commercial buildings in all verticals.

Active Watch “Access Control” provides advanced security solutions for the Trucking/Transportation industry. Our operational solutions are both efficient and effective in preventing criminal activity we also been utilized for a life safety for the facilities throughout our serving area. We provide more than just security services.

The Active Watch Security team focuses on consistently delivering services that align with the requirements, expectations, mission, and values of our clients

At Active Watch Security every customer is of the utmost importance to our staff. We are dedicated, conscientious, and committed to meeting the needs of our customers and strive to go above and beyond expectations.

Our quality, promptness and professionalism are attributes that our customers often refer to when conversing about us to others. Our solid customer base drives Active Watch to be the dynamic company that we are.

“Access Control” and gate security are major concerns in any truck yard, monitoring and operations assistance are a vital and necessary function in any facility. Cargo theft is continually on the rise, ensuring that ONLY authorized people are accessing your facility is paramount.

Our goal is to function as a team part of your company to track and manage what is coming in and out without impeding daily business. One of our functions is ensuring suspicious behavior is investigated, verified and neutralized before entry or exit are granted.
All vehicles and personal are verified before they are allowed to enter or exit.

The service is available for 24/7 coverage.

Our goals:

Protects your property and contents

A deterrent to intruders and vandals and cargo theft

Can reduce your insurance premiums or damage costs

Improve efficiency and effectiveness of your general security

Reduce overall cost of security

Cargo theft is a global epidemic and is estimated to have a $5 billion impact on the Canadian economy!

Highly secure areas require extensive “Access Control” procedures.

Do you have a tailgating issue?

Are activities in your yard being supervised all the time?

Incidents and accidents can happen in all type of facilities

WE CAN HELP TO CHANGE THIS, these incidents and accidents CAN be prevented with motioning by our dedicated team of agents up to 24/7.

We can document and report these near misses on time with all the details and footage.

Choose Active Watch as your first line of defense against policy, safety deviation and criminal activities regarding your facility.


Many businesses and multi-family residential properties use access systems to control entry and exit from doors and gates, a job typically handled by a keypad or an on-site guard.

Using our video surveillance system, our trained security operators can perform the same functitons, but at a fraction of the cost.

Our tailored solution allows you to control who comes in and leaves your property to deter crime and ensure the safety of employees and tenants.Active Watch will provide professionally trained monitoring specialists who can perform access management and control; we work strictly by the protocol based on your criteria. Operators can also process visitors, sales people, customer deliveries, pickup

1 Cost-effective way to replace security guards at compound entry/exit points

2 Driver verification and identification/credential verification

3 Correct trailer/tractor validation with loading dock directions upon entry/exit

4 Live inspection of tractor/trailer movement to identify damage to equipment or property

5 Customizable security service protocols and reporting

Greeting and Managing Visitors

Transport companies receives many visitors daily -
delivery persons, service providers, visiting customers, maintenance workers and candidates, etc.

Is your reception non-existent,
overstretched or too costly?

Is your reception/security staff not trained
or suited to the task!?

Do you have an increased risk of unscheduled or
anonymous visits?

Utilize Active Watch to greet your visitors, secure your buildings and help to protect your staff. We will report all entries/exit numbers in details of every truck and trailer.


Agents are trained to record trailer and truck numbers, verify driver license of the trucker if you required, to assist and ensuring that right inventory is going on the right places within your facility. Agents generate reports based on your yard activity. They will document and provide report format customized to your requirements.

Gates and Barrier Control


We can also consult in regards to souring cameras recorders,gates /barriers and advanced software. In some cases, we have consulted on ID card readers and intercoms.

If you are currently a customer, thank you for your continued patronage.

If you are considering our services, we thank you for thinking of Active Watch.

We welcome the chance to prove to you that at Active Watch our goal is to stop crime before it happens for our customers!

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