Intelligent Security Service Inc. DBA Active Watch., herein after also known as Active Watch, is committed to respecting the personal privacy of individuals who visit our Web site. This page summarizes our privacy policy and practices of our web site. Active Watch does not automatically gather any personal information from you, such as your name, phone number, e-mail or street address during your visit to its Web sites. This information is only obtained if you supply it voluntarily, usually through contacting us via e-mail, or registering in a secure portion of the site. All personal information you do provide is protected under the federal Privacy Act of Canada and other related jurisdictions. This means that, at the point of collection, you will be informed that your personal information is being collected, the purpose for which it is being collected and that you have a right of access to the information upon request. Visitor information is not disclosed to anyone except Active Watch authorized personnel who need the information to process your request such as signing up for services. The information you give us will be shared ONLY for the purposes of processing your order or inquiry with such financial institutions as are appropriate to your request. We do not use the information to create individual profiles, nor do we disclose the information to anyone outside those who need to facilitate your request and ONLY in all cases with organizations who comply with similar Privacy Act guidelines. Questions or comments regarding this policy, or the administration of the Privacy Act in Active Watch may be directed to the Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator through our Contact page or by calling 1-844-949-0039