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Alarm systems for burglary protection

Burglary security systems are used to protect the customer’s assets in a well-defined space. The use of “Real Time” remote video monitoring (RVM) offers greater security and is more cost effective. With the option of voice down IP cameras, our monitoring operators are able to warn intruders to leave the premises immediately as law enforcement has been dispatched.


Perimeter protection systems are used for the exterior protection for any structure or area. This can include airports, commercial buildings, construction sites, auto dealers, malls, industrial, warehouses, agricultural of any kind and bodies of water. “Real Time” RVM will secure these verticals more efficiently and effectively than any form of security.

Access control systems are designed to manage the flow of incoming and outgoing traffic whether people or vehicles in a specified areas. Thus, through the use of access control systems and “Real Time” RVM our operators can monitor access areas for a specified time periods. Access control also acts as a “Real Time” virtual security barrier against unwanted or unauthorized entry by persons and or vehicles banned from facilities thus protecting the staff inside the facility from physical harm or even death!


Fire detection systems offer security measures and warning to fires with the use of smoke detectors and temperature detectors. The use of "Real Time" RVM in conjunction with fire detection systems give customers increased safeguards in case of fire since the monitoring operators are able to see fires or smoke before the detectors are activated.

CCTV Systems

Closed circuit television systems are security system that track and record in real time any event, and then store the recording onto an NVR o DVR for a prescribed period of time. The use of video surveillance cameras can be done both for the interior and exterior of buildings. By using CCTV and having live operators monitoring the cameras, we are able to prevent the crime before it happens!

Loss Prevention

Video surveillance has a long history of being used for loss prevention. Typically a loss prevention agent on-site will monitor a store/facility for suspicious activities using the video surveillance system and then notify other onsite loss prevention officers of the situation and assist them in taking appropriate action. Through the use of “Real Time” remote video monitoring, a client can substantially reduce costs by having one monitoring operator monitor multiple locations. The agent can maintain constant contact with the on-site loss prevention officers in order to coordinate a response or they can contact local law enforcement depending on the client's instructions.

Video Analytics

AIVSS is designed specifically for video analytics applications for automatic recognition of objects and situations in streaming video, Unlike conventional systems, digital video surveillance system, AIVSS does not require constant operator attention and is optimized for fast processing of events. Used together with our monitoring agents, the result is the most comprehensive video surveillance in the industry.