Our “Real Time” remote video surveillance is the best defense against crime! Stop crime before it happens!

Active Watch is a multinational video monitoring company that uses advanced technology to provide “Real Time” live remote video monitoring service. We have been providing video monitoring services to commercial customers since 2006 throughout Europe and North America.
Globalized networking has now made it possible to utilize human resources anywhere, greatly lowering costs making ‘’Real Time’’ RVM a viable choice for companies seeking the best in security monitoring.
Our security measures do not rely on triggers or sensors such as motion detectors or door and window sensors. Our monitoring agents are the sensors combined with our proprietary AI that detect any suspicious activity.

Active Watch Security customizes operational protocol for each customer. We will monitor your cameras on a schedule that you request, immediately detect, and report any activity that is deemed against your security protocol.

Through our extensive network of partners, Active Watch provides the most effective live video surveillance at a cost-effective price. Active Watch’s remote monitoring solution is proactive not reactive and is a verified approach to protecting properties and assets. This approach differentiates us from security companies that provide only alarm monitoring, alarm verification, video verification, black screen, and guard tours. When we contact local law enforcement or private security, we are relaying information to them in real time, providing details of a trespass or crime in progress!

We protect our customer’s facilities by proactively monitoring surveillance video continuously from our 24/7 remote operation center, giving you a real edge against crime!

Active Watch Security offers continuous “Real Time” remote video surveillance. Our service is proactive and therefore the best solution for customers to maximize their investment in surveillance and security for their property. Simply recording after-the-fact evidence falls short of “Real Time” active protection from loss and property damage

Active Watch Security also provides access control and remote concierge services for both vehicle and human traffic. Active Watch is not just a security company, we are a technology company in the security industry with a wealth of contacts, consulting, and combined experience that we offer to our dealers / customers as part of our service.

Our quality, promptness and professionalism are attributes that our dealers and customers often refer to when conversing about us to others. Our solid customer base drives Active Watch to be the dynamic company that we are.

Active Watch is a proactive approach to protecting property and lives. We are on duty while you and your team are off duty!