Commercial and Office
VIdeo Surveillance

Office building admin are trying to keep their properties safe and secure, while decreasing their own exposure to premises liability. Many office buildings are facing unique security risks that business security camera systems can prevent, they rely on physical guards to keep the premises safe.

Having business video monitoring is much more efficient and that way you are cutting costs and still getting better security service.
We provide a proactive approach utilizing Real Time office video surveillance which is the best solution to keep you and your property safe and secure.

We have a team of operators specializing in your industry and they will be able to monitor events as they happen at cost effective prices.

Security Guards and Alarms

Having an alarm system at office buildings is not a way to prevent any criminal activity.
Alarms are not deterrent for criminal behavior and they don’t provide any real level of security. The vast majority of alarms rely on motion detectors as the primary detection device; we rely on AI and human intelligence.

Our real time commercial security services is a proven method of efficient security compared to traditional security guards; many of our clients have experienced 20% to 60% reduction once they switched to a security solution that we tailored only for their business needs.

Being the intelligence behind the cameras working closely with you, we can create custom security solutions that’s pocket friendly and reliable. Having a real time commercial surveillance at your commercial property and offices will benefit you in deterring theft, crime, vandalism and loitering which is the most common event.

Crime caught on camera

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Theft at commercial buildings is very common, expensive items like computers or confidential documents can be a target for thieves. We can work by a protocol designed for your needs, that way monitoring agents will be aware if any illegal event takes place.


Back alleys and parking lots have a reputation of places filled with unwanted and dangerous crime activities like vandalism, breaking into doors, trespassing, drug use, gang activity and loitering. Our monitoring agents have an option to warn anyone verbally or via siren (equipment dependent) to leave the premises as law enforcement has been dispatched. We are always on the lookout for any suspicious activity, we prevent crime before it happens!


Managers of the commercial building are responsible to help in preventing injuries at the premises, but also maintaining the whole building and everything around it. With our commercial monitoring system, you will get a full perimeter protection and visibility. Footage is recorded, archived and available for you via your own video recorder; we can assist in retrieving it. If an incident takes place this will be helpful when you are dealing with insurance companies or authorities