Automotive Dealerships
Video Monitoring

Managing the car dealer security of your auto dealership can be a difficult task. With many customers and employees passing through the property, and millions of dollars worth of automobile inventory it can be a challenge to keep track of everything going on.

These factors can make car dealerships a prime target for theft, so it is incredibly important that you have an efficient automotive dealership video monitoring and surveillance in place.

With an average loss of $8,407 per theft, having car dealership security is a must.
Some dealerships use live guards or simple cameras to protect their premises – but there are definitely limitations to on-site guards and cameras that do not proactively deter crime. The best choice for a car dealership security system is a modern, IP-based security system that is “Real Time” monitored by Active Watch Security. Active Watch monitored cameras is like having a static guard for every monitor camera at a fraction of the cost.

The security of any business, including a car dealership, is paramount to ongoing success. Having a video surveillance in real time is an investment in your businesses safety and future. We are here to assist you with our real time video monitoring and a well-trained team behind it, we will create a special proactive system tailored for your business.

Crime caught on camera

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Security Guards and Alarms

Security guards are expensive and they are not able to watch the entire site. Having an alarm system means constantly facing false alarms and it is well known in the security industry every alarm is false until it is proven otherwise. Each of these services is incomplete and expensive; guard average cost $16 – $22 per hour and fines for false alarms. We have a solution that is pocket friendly and very reliable security wise. Our eyes are on the premises 24/7 and we are there to create a special system tailored for your business needs. With our automotive dealership security solutions activities will be recorded, archived and available to you locally.

Security Expenses

Having an automotive dealership video monitoring service at your dealership will pay for itself by cutting costs and minimizing theft and damages on your property. Many of our clients have experienced 20 to 60 percent reduction when they switched to a security solution that is developed for their business needs.


Car lots can be places filled with unwanted and dangerous criminal activities like car theft and damage. Our team of operators assisted with AI is always on the lookout for any suspicious activity, often preventing illegal activity such as break-ins, catalytic converter theft and damage to vehicles before it happens.


We are aware that every car dealership owner is facing a problem regarding customer claims, damage to vehicles when they are in for service or repairs. Our operators are at the ready and will check the archived footage to inspect if the car was damaged (providing that a monitored camera is present in that area).


Vandalism is not an option to be excluded when it comes to car dealership property.
Guards physically are not capable of being everywhere at once. Our monitoring agents can track illegal activity that may happen and follow the protocol you set up to prevent it!