Industrial Video

Factories and other manufacturing facilities can benefit from the security provided by
industrial video surveillance and industrial access control systems. Theft of raw materials such as lumber, copper and steel is at an all- time high, and thieves are targeting factories and other storage facilities with higher frequencies. Many factories also rely on highly guarded trade secrets to remain competitive. Our service can help protect your building, employees, and materials, as well as help you remain competitive in a growing market.

We are aware that running a secure industrial plant or manufacturing factory and also keeping your employees safe can be a challenge for you and that is why our modern
video surveillance embraces digital technology. Active Watch is providing intelligent live monitoring and we specialize in the access control industry, we understand the safety challenges of your industry, our eyes are on the premises up to 24/7 and we have created security solutions designed for industrial sites as we know having a sense of safety and security is very important for your business.

Security Guards and Alarms

Many industrial sites tend to hire security guards to protect their property, guards can be an expensive service and not efficient enough. Other companies still use alarm systems, which are an incomplete service. Subscribing cameras to Active Watch “Real Time” video monitoring is like having a static guard for every camera subscribed at a fraction of the cost.

Crime caught on camera

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Security Expenses

We can create custom security solutions that are cost effective and reliable.
Every industrial facility needs security solutions that will be reasonably priced. Having security at your property can be costly however it’s a vital expense.

We can create a security plan that will work for your needs and we can reduce your cost up to 20% – 60% compared to traditional security guards or any drive-by patrol.

Theft and Property Damage

Having a video surveillance system at your premises will pay for itself by cutting costs and minimizing theft and damages on your property. Clients have realized a cost reduction once they switched to our real time video surveillance system. Industrial property contains very valuable tools, materials and equipment that may be vandalized or stolen.

With our video surveillance system, you will get a full perimeter protection up to 24/7 and our monitoring agents with the help of industrial surveillance cameras can watch for live break-ins and property damage. Our monitoring operators have an option to warn anyone to leave the premises immediately as law enforcement has been dispatched.


All of the construction sites contain fire hazards; however, the areas of refurbishment, demolition and reconstruction have the highest risk.
Our live video surveillance combined with fire detection systems are increasing the safety of your property in case of fire since we will be able to notify the local fire department and quickly determine an incident that otherwise may demolish the whole site.