Distribution and Logistics
Video Surveillance

We understand the security challenge your industry is facing. As criminals get smarter and trucking supply becomes more vital, having efficient and reliable security is one of the most important parts of the business. Distribution and Logistics Surveillance is the only way to combat cargo theft. Since 2013 we have been providing intelligent live video surveillance, our eyes are on the premises up to 24/7 and we have created distribution security solutions designed for your industry as we know having a sense of safety and security is very important for your industry. Not only taking care of your security, we can also manage visitor access in a way you will have full control of incoming and outgoing traffic whether people or vehicles. With this security plan you will protect the property from unwanted or unauthorized entry by persons and vehicles banned from facilities.

Security Guards and Alarms

Warehouses and logistics hubs have turned to physical guards as a way to protect their premises. However, guards are expensive and can’t be everywhere at once. Some are also trying to protect the property by having an alarm system but alarms are not a deterrent for the criminals. It is well known that every alarm is false until it is proven otherwise, with that being said, the Police are waiting for a confirmation for a real burglar so they can respond to it, by then thefts will be gone with your possessions.

With our video monitoring system you will get a full perimeter protection 24/7. We are the intelligence behind the cameras and working closely with you, we can create custom logistics security solutions that are effective and reliable.

Crime caught on camera

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Security Expenses

Our real time video monitoring systems are proven methods for efficient security compared to traditional security guards and many of our clients have experienced 20% to 60% reduction once they switched to a security solution that we tailored only for their business needs.


Thieves are a common problem at warehouses and logistics hubs especially at night and during the weekends. Our monitoring agents can watch live for break-ins and property damage. They are able to warn intruders to leave the premises immediately as law enforcement has been dispatched, that way we will prevent the crime before it happens.


Every transportation and logistics hub is prone to liability from theft, injury and damage claims. Working with high-tech equipment and well-trained agents’, activities will be witnessed, recorded, and won’t go unnoticeable. We will arm you with facts to defend against insurance and warranty claims.