Gas Station
Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance and Gas stations should go hand in hand; gas stations are often vulnerable targets for unlawful acts like tampering, theft, gang activity and even violent crimes such as armed carjacking and sexual assault.

Having a gas station video surveillance professionally monitored system will protect your gas station against crime from the crimes mentioned previously and other possible damages. Research is showing that in 2021, there are 50,000 crime incidents in your industry and 25% of them result with injury.

Huge losses are made each year at fuel and service stations through fuel theft and ‘drive-offs’; shoplifting; vandalism; car accidents and site damage caused by poor driving; fraudulent claims for vehicle damage; inadequate site management and organized crime.

With all these facts in mind, it is important to have an efficient and effective security system at your facility that is monitored in “Real Time”! gas station surveillance systems significantly increase security at every gas station; however, they are only truly effective when monitored or they are reactive and not proactive!
The mere presence of gas station security cameras and “Live Monitored Area” signs has a psychological influence on potential perpetrators.

We specialize in your industry and we have created special security solutions for fuel and gas stations, we will help you in securing perimeter. Our proactive approach to video monitoring is the best way to keep your property protected. Our team of well-trained monitoring specialists will work closely with you and together we can create a security system tailored for your business needs only.

Crime caught on camera

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Security Guards and Alarms

There are other ways to secure your facility, having guards or alarm systems can be expensive and not efficient. Given the nature of the job, guards are facing risky situations and will have limited coverage so they can’t be everywhere at the same time. Setting up monitored cameras where each camera would count as one static guard for a fraction of the cost is powerful protection! When it comes to the alarm system, it is well known that every alarm is false until it is proven otherwise. The Police department is waiting on a confirmation that a real incident happened so they can respond. Having alarms are a costly but incomplete service; they are not a deterrent for the thieves or anyone that wants to break in.

With our video gas station video monitoring system, you will get a full perimeter up to 24/7. At the end of each day, you will receive a daily report showing any events that occurred, furthermore, the footage will be recorded, archived and available for you.

Remote Locations

Some of the fuel stations are located in rural areas and we know that is an additional cost to secure it. We understand the issues you are facing, that is why our high-quality equipment combined with our monitoring agents gives the best results at monitoring a property with multiple cameras at once no matter where the property is located.

Theft and Vandalism

Having a fuel station means facing security challenges like fuel theft, vandalism, trespass, loitering but also risk to customers including car theft and damage. Our monitoring operators have an option to warn anyone to leave the premises immediately as law enforcement has been dispatched.

Security Expenses

When it comes to gas stations, a high quality security system is a must. Having security at your property can be costly yet it’s a vital expense and having a specific budget is not an issue for us. Together we will create a security plan for your needs.
Many of our clients have experienced 20% to 60% reduction when they switched to a security solution that we tailored only for their business needs.


Every gas station is prone to liability from theft, injury and damage claims, they can cost you thousands in legal fees if held accountable. We can help you to minimize your liability by creating an effective and efficient security plan. Our security solutions for your industry will arm you with facts to defend against insurance and warranty claims.