Cannabis Licensed Producers Video Surveillance

Medical and recreational Marijuana/ Cannabis dispensaries and wholesale growers represent a rapidly expanding industry. Every dispensary must meet state regulations in order to conduct business. One of the regulations is having a marijuana video surveillance system monitoring the premises at all times. Depending on the state’s regulations and your business requires a security solution that is cost effective and reliable.

When it comes to cannabis grow facility security, we believe that high-quality equipment and well- trained operators are very important for the premises / operations to be safe and secure. We are working with technology that allows intrusion, fire, access control and video to be managed by one software application.

Since 2006 we have been providing intelligent live monitoring, our eyes are on the premises up to 24/7 and we have created security solutions tailored for your industry as we know having safety and security is very important for your industry.

Security Guards and Alarms

Our real time video monitoring systems are proven methods for efficient security compared to traditional security guards and alarms, many of our clients have experienced 20% to 60% reduction once they switched to a security solution that we developed especially for their business needs.

Having security guards to keep your property safe is a choice that will be very costly and not functional at all. Guards will have limited coverage and they can’t be everywhere at the same time we can thru strategic perimeter cameras.

Another security option that is available for you is having an alarm system at your property; the security industry assumption is that all alarms are false until proven otherwise. It is well known that 98% of all alarms are false and 70% of them are user error.

Police do not have the resources to respond to conventional alarms in the 21 century.
The intelligence behind the cameras can create custom security solutions that are cost effective and reliable. Having a real time cannabis video surveillance at your property will benefit you in deterring theft, crime, vandalism and loitering.

Crime caught on camera

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Rural Areas

Having a property in a rural area brings additional costs to secure it during the non- working hours. Our high-tech equipment helps the trained operators the ability to watch multiple cameras at once no matter where the property is located.