Metal and Mining
Video Monitoring

Mining industry is facing security challenges. Global mining production has reached an all-time high with $20 billion metric tons last year. With a major mining sector consisting of diamonds, gold, platinum and coal it’s important to invest in security technology to protect your workers and prevent intrusion and theft.

Security cameras are increasingly popular. That is why including video surveillance as an option for your business can add huge value to your organization’s security toolkit.
Mining Surveillance with Video Monitoring is an essential part of preventing the worst from happening and having a visual record of it in the event that it does. Together we will determine a video surveillance plan for your business needs.

Since 2013 we have been providing intelligent “Real Time” mining video monitoring, our eyes are on the premises up to 24/7 and we have created security solutions tailored for your industry as we know having a sense of safety and security is very important for your industry.

Security Guards and Alarms

Many mining facilities are deciding on security guards as a solution to keep the premises safe. Guards will have limited coverage and they can’t be everywhere at the same time. Some are also trying to protect the property by having an alarm system; however, alarms are not a deterrent for the criminals. It is well known that every alarm is false until it is proven otherwise, with that being said, the Police are waiting for a confirmation for a real burglar so they can respond to it, by then thefts will be gone with your possessions.

With our video monitoring system, you will get a full perimeter protection up to 24/7 vs other mining security companies that offer incompatible, non-complete or non-seamless services. Being the intelligence behind the mine security cameras working closely with you, we can create custom security solutions that are effective and reliable.

Crime caught on camera

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Employee Safety

No employer wants their workers’ health and wellbeing risked any more than is absolutely necessary in a potentially dangerous working environment. Having a real time video monitoring will be helpful in identifying any potential risk and creating a safe working environment.


Thieves are a common problem at mining sites due to the expensive equipment and valuable resources. With our mine site security system, you will get a full perimeter protection up to 24/7 and our monitoring agents can watch for live break-ins and property damage. Our monitoring operators are able to warn intruders to leave the premises immediately as law enforcement has been dispatched, that way we will prevent the crime before it happens. (Customer equipment dependent).

Rural areas

Having a mining property in a rural area brings additional costs to secure it during the non-working hours. Our high-tech equipment helps the trained operators the ability to watch multiple cameras at once no matter where the property is located.