Live Video Monitoring
and Surveillance

The use of “Real Time” remote video monitoring (RVM) offers greater security and is more cost effective than previously used security methods. Traditionally, alarm systems or physical security staff have been deployed to secure properties and/or other areas of concern. With the advancement of equipment and communication methods, Active Watch Security is able to protect your assets in “Real Time”, protecting all areas of concern simultaneously.

Having live operators monitor your cameras, you are able to prevent crime before it happens!

Our remote video surveillance team in action

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What is Remote Video Surveillance?

Remote Video Surveillance is a form of surveillance security using equipment monitored by trained operators in “Real Time”.
Video Management Systems (VMS) are security systems used to track and record real time events, then store the recording onto a hard drive for a prescribed period of time. The use of video surveillance cameras can be done both for the interior and exterior of buildings.
In many cases there are large areas of concern such as parking areas, construction areas, automotive dealer lots and other open areas. In these areas we can utilize artificial intelligence with human detection or other forms of perimeter protection systems to be notified of a potential intruder as they enter.

“Real Time” Remote Video Surveillance will secure these areas more efficiently and effectively than other forms of security.

We can activate sirens/strobes/deterrents or allow our operators to talk directly to persons entering your site. Loitering persons or anyone gaining access to the area of concern can be warned to vacate the location and that police and/or private security has been dispatched.

We can escalate the incident if the subjects do not vacate, and we can maintain constant visual supervision of the subjects until the authorities arrive.

Crime caught on camera

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Why to choose our Remote Video Monitoring Service

Active Watch Security offers continuous “Real Time” Remote Video Monitoring services that is a proactive approach to protecting property and lives. We are on duty while you and your team are off duty. Active Watch Security customizes operational protocol for each customer. We will monitor your assets on a schedule that you request and report any activity as per your security protocols.

We utilize advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and video analytics to assist in our monitoring. Our clients have a vast range of needs and our systems are designed to accommodate the highest standards of security, reliability and connectivity.

Our engineering team has developed solutions for telecommunication operators, internet service providers, security companies, universities, banks, and military. In many situations there is already equipment in place, we understand this and work with you to utilize and integrate the existing systems of protection. Alternatively, Active Watch can help you design your system from the ground up and/or connect you with an installation team if needed.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the most effective “Real Time” remote video surveillance service available in the marketplace at a cost-effective price. Through our extensive network of dealer partners and agents, we can provide a wide range of technology to meet our customers’ needs and budget. Active Watch “Real Time” monitoring provides our customers with true asset security.