Energy Utilities
Video Surveillance

Electric power utilities are faced with complex operational issues and challenges regarding physical security of critical assets like substations. These can include security threats to infrastructure and remote facilities, aging equipment and support structures, safety of personnel and the public, and overall rising costs due to unplanned maintenance, brownouts and even blackouts.

Video Surveillance for Electric Utilities is playing an increasing role in addressing these issues. We are aware that running a secure energy-related company can be a challenge for you. We understand the safety challenges of your industry and we can provide you with security solutions based on your business needs. Our team are experts at designing video surveillance systems as well as wireless security solutions in remote areas. We are watching the cameras to protect you and your business; we can also help you in keeping your workers from violating safety protocols in addition to keeping you safe from any damages.

Security Guards and Alarms

Many communities are deciding on security guards as a solution to keep the premises safe. Guards will have limited coverage and they can’t be everywhere at the same time.
Every camera subscribed to Active Watch security monitoring is like having a static guard in that place for a fraction of the cost.

Alarm systems are also an option that will not keep the facility safe as this type of service is incomplete. In the security industry, every alarm is false until it is proven otherwise, the Police wait on a confirmation that a real accident happened so they can respond.

At Active Watch, we are the intelligence behind the cameras; and with our video monitoring systems our eyes are on the premises up to 24/7. We are not waiting for trigger activation we watch for any suspicious activity and prevent it before it happens.

Crime caught on camera

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Security Expenses

Having electric power company surveillance system at your premises will pay for itself by cutting costs and minimizing theft and damages on your property. Many of our clients have experienced 20% to 60% reduction once they switched to our real time video surveillance service.

Theft and Property Damage

Video monitoring is a key tool used to prevent and investigate theft, unauthorized access, vandalism, sabotage or other uncontrolled damage to critical infrastructure. With our video monitoring service, you will get a full perimeter protection up to 24/7 and our monitoring agents can watch for live break-ins and property damage. Our monitoring operators have an option to warn anyone to leave the premises immediately via audio (customer site equipment permitting) as law enforcement has been dispatched.


Any electric power utility is prone to liability from theft, injury and damage claims, they can cost you thousands in legal fees if held accountable. With our real time monitoring and our trained specialists, you will be protected.

Rural areas

Having a property in a rural area brings additional costs to secure it during the non-working hours. Our monitoring team of trained operators supported by AI has the ability to watch multiple cameras at once no matter where the property is located.