Shopping Centers and Malls
Video Surveillance

Retail is a vast industry which means it is prone to more criminal activities. Your industry shows the highest numbers of criminal activities. Due to this factor, security of shopping centers, malls and stores has become one of the biggest concerns for owners.
Shopping centers as they are visited by hundreds of thousands of people over the course of the year represent a unique security challenge. Back alleys, storefronts, parking lots/garages and rooftops are important to be protected. That’s why investing in a retail surveillance camera system that is professional monitored for your business is a good option that pays off countless long-term benefits. We are a technology company in the security realm; we can offer the best security solution by providing analysis based on foot traffic, mass of location, existing guard expenses and more.

We provide Real Time video monitoring which is the best solution to keep you and your property safe and secure. We have a team of operators specializing in security for the retail industry and they will be able to view events live through mall security cameras for a cost-effective prices.

Security Guards and Alarms

Protecting property and making everyone feel safe when they are at work or shopping is one of the most important things. Many turn to alarm systems as a way to prevent criminal activities are outdated 20th century technology. Other shopping centers rely on physical guards to keep the premises safe; the research shows that having video monitoring is much more efficient and a way you can cut costs and still get better security service.

Active Watch monitored cameras are like having a static guard for every monitor at a fraction of the cost. Our proactive solutions are both efficient and effective and our professional team of operators is keeping the property safe when you are not present.

Crime caught on camera

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Security Expenses

Every shopping mall is in need of security, having a specific budget is not an issue for us. We can create a security plan that will work for your needs and we can reduce your cost up to 20% – 60% compared to traditional security guards or any drive-by patrol.

Property Damage to Storefronts

Any property that’s not protected in the non-working hours is an easy target for criminals. Criminals are aware that most camera systems are unmonitored, and the consequences can be devastating for the business since it is much easier for them to escape without getting caught. With our professional eyes are on the premises, an event won’t go unnoticeable.


Back alleys and parking lots have a reputation of places filled with unwanted and dangerous crime activities like vandalism, break and enter, trespassing, drug use, car theft and general damage. Our monitoring operators with the help of the mall parking lot security cameras have an option to warn anyone to leave the premises immediately as law enforcement has been dispatched. We can also activate an installed siren or strobe light. (Customer equipment dependent).

Wire and Materials Theft

Many of the thieves have a specific target such as HVAC units which can be very expensive and typically the insurance covers 70% of the replacement costs. The common thing is that the metal may be removed from the policy after a couple of thefts.
Cutting wires and removing parts. Attacks on transformers and utility meters are more common and cost thousands of dollars in repair cost. Active Watch offers “Real Time” mall surveillance to prevent any loss and property damage.