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Since 2006 Active Watch Security has grown from a small regional “Real Time” professional, reliable, and affordable remote monitoring security company to a global security company that utilizes well trained operators and innovative technology with the goal to Stop Crime Before It Happens!

We are the 21-century way to protect! Law enforcement response to triggered alarms today is muted, alarms going off could mean an animal caused it to trip or a faulty sensor or a strong wind or perhaps a criminal.

Why Have a Passive Recording System When You Can Have Live Video Monitoring

Law enforcement or private security has no idea what they are responding to.

With Active Watch our professional and reliable live video monitoring operators communicate directly with law enforcement or private security to give them a play by play of exactly what they are viewing in real time at the site. They can easily describe the intruders and even if they are armed or they have an accelerant such as gasoline.

Active Watch would also ensure that the fire Department would be dispatched as they would not be previously for just a triggered alarm.
This action alone can save thousands if not 10s of thousands of dollars of damage in addition to unexpected unemployment as the site may not be inhabitable.

The 21 Century way to protect Video Monitoring

We can and have made security differences in many vertical markets throughout our serving areas. Whether it be beach parks, bus stations, legal Cannabis auto dealerships, construction, property managers and developers, gated communities, storage facilities, trucking and transport for professional, reliable, and affordable video monitoring and access control, oil & gas industry, commercial & office, distribution and logistics, fast food industry, gas stations, schools, scrap metal and recycling, shopping centers and malls install a Remote security system.

Why invest in a recording system if it’s not a monitored Remote security system?

Professional, reliable, and affordable is the way to go!

If it’s not live monitored, it’s not true Remote Camera Monitoring

Not only have we improved efficiency in these sectors in many cases we have saved more than 25% in existing security guard cost! We like to say that we are a technology company in the security industry, we are always on the lookout for innovating new security ideas and products to enhance our company and offer better security options to our clients. Active Watch Security tried, tested and true remote camera monitoring is now present through our vast authorized dealer network in 40 States, across Canada, the Caribbean, and several countries in the EU.

Not Live Monitored means it is not proactive Video Monitoring

At Active Watch we believe we need to earn your business each and every month that is why all of our agreements are 30 days. We do not believe in long term lock ins or penalties like some of our competitors. We also do not force our equipment or any equipment onto our dealers, franchisees, or customers in order to utilize our tried, tested, and true video monitoring services as some of our competitors.

Efficient, Effective Cost Saving Access Control

Active Watch Security also has a separate professional, reliable, and affordable access control and remote concierge division for companies that require remote gate operation, verification of vehicles and personal entering and exiting with or without vehicles or merchandise. This service may or may not include the requirement to scan and log. One of our major many clients is a Canada wide transport carrier in which we have national contact. Active Watch consulted and worked with the carrier on the design and implementation. Active Watch is not just a security company we are a diversified technology company with a wealth of contacts, consulting, and combined experience that we offer to our dealers, franchises, and customers as part of our service.

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