Video Monitoring

Video Monitoring

Remote Video Monitoring is the most effective form of security surveillance using high-tech equipment monitored by trained operators.

Access Control

Access Control and gate security are major concerns in any trucking transport yard and a vital and necessary function in any facility.

Loss prevention

Safety and loss prevention are the most important things in your business and through the use of “Real Time” remote video monitoring.


Since 2010 we developed, tested and produced over 20 basic UAV models. We can help you to design the best security drones for your company as each unit is specific to your requirements.

Remote Video Monitoring

Feel at ease knowing that all the security cameras in your remote video monitoring system are being watched by a team of trained professionals 24/7/365 from a state-of-the-art security monitoring center.
Unlike many so-called remote video solutions, AW uses actual live streaming video to track criminals and provide authorities with real-time updates as they approach the site.

At only a fraction of the cost of a live guard on site, our highly trained security professionals can safeguard your location at a distance. With many pairs of eyes on the job at once you increase the odds of identifying nefarious activity before any serious damage is done.

Active Watch Security offers remote monitoring services for security companies who have already installed cameras for their customers. We can provide this service for you at a monthly rate that is significantly less than an on-site guard and far more effective.

Access Control

Control access to properties, facilities, buildings, secure areas, transport yards, or remote or unmanned sites through AW Access Control.
Access control is a smart and convenient way to secure your building or property. By finding effective commercial access control systems, you can ensure that the exits and entrances to your assets are secure!

AW will keep unauthorized intruders out of your gated community, commercial facility or remote sites, preventing theft, vandalism, and violent crime around the clock.

Our quality, promptness and professionalism are attributes that our customers often refer to when conversing about us to others. Our solid customer base drives Active Watch to be the dynamic company that we are.

If you are looking for a cost-effective and reliable solution to protect against unauthorized entry access monitoring is the best solution for you!


Active Watch drone security system can be used in a wide variety of applications for some industries where other solutions are expensive or difficult to be implemented. Some of the applications where we deployed them more frequently are the following: security, video surveillance, technical inspections of power grids, surveys of large agricultural areas and fish farms, preventing fires in the forest industry, high level of analysis of crops, pollution and whether conditions.
In fact, using drones for security we can address almost any need of our customers which are facing difficult conditions of operations or very high costs by using any other technology.

Loss Prevention

We are proud of our high standards of Loss Prevention:

  • Our time of escalation to on-site store staff after an event is detected is less than twenty seconds.
  • Our agents dedicate 100% of their time to assist the team on the floor.
  • We can detect over 75% of theft/attempted theft in any store we are protecting.
  • Under our surveillance, 90% of the stolen merchandise is returned to the shelves.
    We are proud to report a non-linear operation based on interoperating the following structures and modules:
  • Strong and proficiently trained Loss Prevention Security video monitoring team.
  • Integrated Loss Prevention teams on the store floors,
  • In-house designed and developed Loss Prevention software based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. We integrate our software with your devices using very developed specialty tools and technologies.
  • Communication with the stores using an in house designed and developed telecommunication system.
  • 0% downtime in the fight against store shrinkage.