Loss Prevention

Active Watch security and loss prevention (store shrinkage) starts where others stop. Let us be your loss prevention consultant We strongly believe Loss Prevention is not a security activity but a stand-alone vertical. Therefore, where some seek police arrests, our preferred outcome is return of the stolen products to the shelves for purchase by paying customers.

Where others seek physical confrontation, we stive towards prevention. Where some seek a physical security presence among on the floor, we provide diligent and intelligent work performed discreetly with the use of sophisticated technology.

Our Team in Action

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We are proud of our high standards of Loss Prevention:

  • Our time of escalation to on-site store staff after an event is detected is less than twenty seconds.
  • Our agents dedicate 100% of their time to assist the team on the floor once an event is escalated to the loss prevention security guard or floor team. We are protecting the Loss Prevention team on the floor while we assist them and deter the perpetrators.
  • We can detect over 75% of theft/attempted theft in any store we are protecting.
  • Under our surveillance, 90% of the stolen merchandise is returned to the shelves.

Crime caught on camera

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Why to choose ours Loss Prevention Security service

We are immensely proud of our extremely high standard of Loss Prevention operations. Contrary to any other competitor, we are proud to report a non-linear operation based on interoperating the following structures and modules:

  • An extraordinarily strong and proficiently trained Loss Prevention video monitoring team utilizing the latest in smart cameras and integrated software.
  • Integrated Loss Prevention teams on the store floors, in the warehouses, in the training process, at the entrances and parking lots of our customers.
  • In-house designed and developed Loss Prevention software based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. We can integrate our software with customer devices using very developed specialty tools and technologies.
  • Permanent communication with the stores using an in house designed and developed telecommunication system.
  • Working procedures and quality assurance systems delivering 0% downtime in the fight against store shrinkage.
  • Modern tools of analysis based on statistics, calculus, probabilities, psychological evaluation, and analysis. All these highly contribute to our permanent process of human and machine learning.

It is commonly believed that criminals are so creative and always ahead of detectives and those positioned to catch and apprehend them. At Active Watch, our loss prevention systems strive to prove the opposite is the rule: We are ahead of the curve of crime; with our loss prevention security we are preventing theft before it happens!