Once a child arrives at school, whether they walk, cycle, travel by bus or are dropped off, parents expect their safety to be a priority. With violence rising on school properties, schools need security cameras more than ever. Locking doors and having a security staff on-site is just not enough in this day and age to maintain great physical security.

Having Real Time video monitoring is an excellent deterrent against incidents occurring during and after school hours, whether that is bullying, unauthorized access, or vandalism. We can monitor CCTV cameras in classrooms as well as outdoors. Our team can design the monitoring for any requirement.

We provide a proactive approach utilizing Real Time video monitoring which is the best solution to keep the property, all of the students and teachers safe. We have a team of operators well trained to monitor events as they happen at cost effective prices.

Security Guards and Alarms

Having an alarm system at the property is costly yet not an efficient service. The vast majority of alarms rely on motion detectors as the primary detection device; we rely on AI and human intelligence.

Our real time school surveillance service is a proven method of efficient security compared to traditional security guards, many of our clients have experienced 20% to 60% cost reduction once they switched to a security solution that we tailored only for their business needs.

Being the intelligence behind the cameras working closely with you, we can create custom security solutions that are cost-effective and reliable. Having surveillance cameras in schools will benefit you in deterring theft, crime, vandalism and loitering which is the most common event.

Crime caught on camera

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Vandalism and Theft

A way to prevent vandalism and theft is having school security cameras; no one wants to get caught in the act. By placing school security cameras inside and outside the school you will prevent common theft such as car theft from the parking lot, as well as theft of assets and personal belongings throughout the school. Since 2013 we have been providing intelligent live monitoring, our eyes are on the premises up to 24/7 and we have created security solutions tailored for schools as we know having safety and security is very important.

Security Expenses

Security is a must-have on school premises. However, some schools have tight budgets and security costs may seem overwhelming or impractical. Having a specific budget is not an issue for us; we will work closely with you and create the best solution for your needs.

Bullying and Anti-social Behavior

School bullying is a major problem throughout the country and ranges from grade school to junior high to high school. With classroom surveillance we will help you to prevent bullying and leverage security to prevent bullying from happening in the first place.

Additionally, schools can be hot areas for anti-social behavior, drug dealing and alcohol- related incidents; our monitoring operators have an option to warn anyone to leave the premises immediately as law enforcement has been dispatched.