Access Control

Active Watch has been providing remote access control & monitoring to customers throughout North America and Europe since 2006. “Access Control Monitoring” and gate security have become major concerns for various types of facilities and businesses. Our goal at Active Watch, is to function as part of your team, to track and manage what is coming in and out of your facility without impeding daily operations.

One of our primary functions is to ensure suspicious behavior is investigated, verified, and neutralized before entry or exit is granted. All vehicles and personnel are vetted before being allowed to enter or exit your facility. We can report and escalate any situation immediately to your representatives and maintain visual observation of the incident until the situation is closed. All daily activities and interactions are recorded and reported to you.

Our access control team in action

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Our Access Control Systems are solutions used in commercial and industrial operations from medium to very large-scale sites. Trucking/Transportation hubs, large production facilities and other storage yards are all good examples of facilities that can benefit from access control. Our operational processes combined with networked solutions create an efficient and effective program for preventing criminal activity and unauthorized access to your facility.

Crime caught on camera

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Why to choose ours Remote Access Control service

In addition to providing gate access control monitoring and communicating directly with you, Active Watch can communicate with persons on site via audio and/or siren deterrents in the event of unauthorized access or security breaches. We keep our eyes on the target until you or the local authorities arrive, we provide to you a report including all events as they transpired, as well as all relevant video clips. As part of our regular process tracking vehicles in and out of a facility, we are required to track the number of vehicles in and out. From this, we are able to provide flow reports indicating how many vehicles arrive at your facility, including the time periods indicating peak traffic times.

Active Watch Remote Access Control can greet your visitors, secure your facility and protect your assets and staff.