Our UAVs are grouped in two large categories: multicopter and fixed-wing UAVs. Each of them is suitable for security and specific missions dedicated to the needs of our customers. We are a UAV security company.

The multicopter UAVs are low-range devices, up to 20-30 km. They are dedicated to local missions and fast deployments. All of them are electric UAVs with flight autonomy of 30 to 60 minutes and payloads up to 10 kg.

The fixed-wing security drones are equipped with VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) technology delivered by electric engines. The main engine is either an electric or gasoline engine. The fixed-wing UAVs have extremely high range, up to 200-250 km and the most advanced model can remain airborne up to 6-8 hours. Our new solar panel UAV can go even beyond those limits! The payload for our fixed-wing UAVs is up to 25 kg.

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All of our UAVs can be piloted either manually or automatically. With our UAV Monitoring System, we can switch anytime between the two modes. We can pilot our UAVs from remote locations, like our monitoring and pilot stations from hundreds and hundreds of kilometers distance. When using automatic mode, our unmanned aerial monitoring system we can program hundreds of different missions with up to 100 points of patrolling for each mission.

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Why to choose Security Drones as Video Monitoring Service

The Active Watch UAVs can be equipped with a wide variety of devices: cameras, speakers, watering devices, a wide variety of sensors, small automation solution for different type of industry or any device up to 25 kg requested by our customers.

While in the air, Active Watch’s surveillance drone can transmit video footage live to the ground control station. Down on the ground we can analyze in real-time the video footage and act accordingly.

Active Watch UAVs can be used in a wide variety of applications including where other solutions are expensive or difficult to be implemented. Common applications of deployment include security, video surveillance, technical inspections of power grids, surveys of large agricultural areas and fish farms, preventing fires in the forest industry, high-level analysis of crops, and monitoring of pollution and weather conditions. In fact, using drones for security we can address almost any need of our customers, even when other technology has proven too costly or ineffective.

We also provide training and maintenance for our UAVs, and we deliver a high level of assistance regarding the compliance with various aviation regulations over three continents: North America, Europe, and North Africa.