Reasons to Step Up Scrap Yard Security

scrap yard security monitoring

Scrap yards have long been a main source for obtaining materials in the construction, automotive, and manufacturing industries. They play a key role in attracting clients that want to repurpose materials and are a vital part of the global recycling initiative. Overall, scrap yards are a place to find anything and everything. Unfortunately, they are also a magnet for theft and burglary. A specialized security monitoring plan will help deter and reduce these types of incidents and protect you as the owner from costly liability. In addition, your place of business will become a more reliable and safer place for everyone involved.

Below are several examples of how implementing a scrap yard security and a good security monitoring system can improve your business strategy:

Provide a safe environment for your employees

Safety is the number one priority a business can offer to its employees and its customers. In fact, installing a security monitoring system can help you detect certain malicious behaviors and respond accordingly and in a timely manner.

Secure a vandalism-free area

Scrap yards have magnetic powers when it comes to thieves and vandals who are mainly operating after-hours. Implementing a security monitoring system in your scrap yard can help you deter many possible break-ins and/or forced entries that may result in theft.

With this system, you can easily detect when a person is entering the premises of your scrap yard or is attempting to enter it.

Internal theft

Sometimes the threat comes from within. Having a security monitoring system would help chase away wrongful plans an employee may have. Additionally, it would give you a clear picture of events should something unfortunately transpire.

Fight damage

Fires are a real threat, especially for places such as scrap yards as there are many leftover materials that might be easily flammable. While cameras themselves cannot distinguish a fire, a security monitoring system will allow was early detection and dispatch of emergency response. Again, saving your business from loss of inventory and possibly liability.

Collect evidence

If an attempted theft or any kind of incident occurs, your security monitoring provider can closely review the footage to provide you with a detailed log and description of events.

It is very important that the footage collected is a high-quality one, as it will help you secure solid evidence of what happened. Therefore, not all cameras are fit for this purpose. You need to be careful to choose a vendor that will offer high-quality cameras that implement high resolutions and capabilities.

In summary

The number of thefts, fires and other possible incidents that occur at scrap yards warrant investment in a high-quality, monitored security system. ActiveWatch can help you reach the perfect solution that will help protect your property and employees, allowing you saved time and resources to focus on your advancing business.

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